Davey R Jones

A Fantastic, Relentless Desire to Write

Songs for Ascent Reviewed by Glynn Young

Songs for Ascent Reviewed by Glynn Young A while ago, Glynn Young–renowned author of the collection Poetry at Work–reviewed Songs for Ascent and called it “a wonderful collection.” He has a detailed explanation that justifies that conclusion. Visit his blog here to read the full review. Thanks, Glynn.  

Elie Wiesel, Honorary Doctorate

Elie Wiesel, Honorary Doctorate Claiming that Wiesel had some impact on my own desire and style of writing would be practicing meiosis in excess. I sometimes imagine that embarking on the trail of his works served as a divergence from a very closed way of thinking that once afflicted me, in essence taking me from a very…

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Philip Levine at Reedley College

Philip Levine at Reedley College? Indeed. This seemingly minuscule junior college consistently scores some of the biggest names in contemporary poetry, including a former U.S. Poet Laureate.

Janice Spina Interviews Davey

Janice Spina Interviews Davey Recently Davey sat down with Janice Spina of JemsBooks and gushed about writing, including a confession of how his big brother’s bossiness transformed his life. And then Janice leaked a debut peek at the cover of Dialect: Short Stories. Click here to read the full interview.

Frisch & Co.

Frisch & Co.: One of the often overlooked considerations in the debate over the format of books (i.e. physical vs. digital) is the notion of accessibility–not the ability to pull up any and every of one’s books as whim dictates, but rather the ability to obtain and read books from places hitherto unknown and unexplored. Face…

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Rilke In Revivial

Rilke In Revival: In the current and prior month, a number of people have resorted to quoting Rainer Maria Rilke (1875-1926), the Bohemian-Austrian poet who gave us Letters to a Young Poet. Matthew Perryman Jones inaugurated the charge in early September when he posted a hand-copied poem from Rilke that concludes, “You are not dead yet,/it’s…

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Supplementary Reading Materials

Supplementary reading materials are available for Songs for Ascent. In all fairness, we should acknowledge that Songs for Ascent is really more like the supplementary reading material for millennia of exposition on the Psalms of Degrees. But at the moment we consider that acknowledgement a nuance. The attached page samples are excerpted from The Pilgrim Psalms,…

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John D. Blase

John is a giant. I’ve never met him so I can’t say whether or not he’s tall. I imagine he’s tall in the way that I imagine all horseback riding, Colorado roaming, legendary poets are tall. The thing is that he’s a fantastic poet. He makes his readers feel things. Not on purpose, I suppose….

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